It is a pleasure for me and the TSV Plön Tennis to work with you. Your discipline, punctuality and everlasting friendliness is what I really appreciate. And by the way I find you, as a coach, are the best thing that could have happened to the TSV Plön Tennis and me as 1st Chairman. Your training is effective, thorough and fun. Your presence in the tennis club is an asset and I hope to work with you for many more years.

Isolde Geerken
Head of Division TSV Plön Tennis


The Antonio Valdes Tennis Academy has become beyond important for the TCGW Oldenburg this spring. In the search for a qualified tennis coach we had to find out very quickly that the coach market in Ostholstein and Schleswig-Holstein is not predestined for our tennis club. Fortunately, I got a tip to contact Milo. I already knew Milo from regional championships and didn’t expect to win such an outstanding coach over. Nevertheless, I called him and the chemistry was right. I told him about my wishes and requirements I have for the trainer we look for and Milo immediately knew what I had in mind. Within a few minutes, there was a bond that was directly marked by trust. We made an appointment for a first meeting in Oldenburg and after wonderful two hours, together with his lovely girlfriend, it was clear to both sides that we wanted to work together. Milo has several employees and after a few weeks we arranged a trial training. This training with some of our kids was exceptionally professional and impresses with a clear philosophy. Milo had brought along a young coach with whom he did the training. His name is George Hudson and there was an immediate connection to him as well, although he speaks only English. At first, I thought the language barrier would lead to problems for children and parents, but the opposite is true. Everyone is fascinated by the training and the coach and the kids are happy that they get additional English lessons. The Antonio Valdés Academy plays an important role in our tennis club and we would be pleased if this special connection would last for many more years.

Udo Seidenkranz
Youth Officer TCGW Oldenburg


In search of a youth coach, we became aware of Mr Milo Quiroz through a press release. Mr. Quiroz and his team managed to build trust with our youth immediately and to boost the team building. We’ve always been impressed be the professional performance of the coaching team and the outstanding reliability.

This reliable commitment of the team and the satisfaction of the youngsters have pleasantly relieved my work as a youth adviser.

In addition to that I would like to attach two comments from the trained youth:

“Milos Training really helped me a lot. It brought me up to a higher level and helped me to build up a constant technique that is easy on the joints. He is very patient in explaining his exercises and always explains why he does which exercise and what purpose they have. He does an original and innovative training.”

Amira, 18 years old


“I started training with Milo at the beginning of the 2017/18 winter season and I’ve been improving my technique and fitness since then. The training has given me a lot more security especially when playing a match. What I like most about the training: It’s very varied and always takes you a step further.”

Martin, 13 years old


Giuliana Runge
Tennisgemeinschaft Raisdorf


I’ve been working with Niklas Albrecht for eight years now.He has always been a loyal colleague, who has energetically supported me in all matters relating to the training operation and with his own ideas and concepts to the entire development has an enormous share. His positive attitude is an enrichment for his students and also for the club when it comes to problem solving. He is an absolute team player who succeeds in persuading others to win over him. He embodies these qualities on the court and has also made a name for himself through his qualified training beyond the club boundaries. From my own experience, I know how hard it is to find good people this is why I’m thankful that I got to know Niklas.

Robert Jantzen
Headcoach TSC Glashütte


In the past few weeks I did an intensive tennis training with Milo. After being able to observe his tennis practice with children and adults for months, when I was playing at a side court at the same time, it was clear to me that I wanted to improve my game with this coach. And he didn’t disappoint me! Milo immediately impressed me in the first practice session by analyzing my playful abilities as well as considering the conditional capacity of an over-sixty-year-old and then focused training with a plan for each training session, which was not a one-sided method. Through his patience and motivational nature, I have learned a lot in the last few weeks, I’m able to recognize my mistakes during the game and I can implement his tips. Taken all together: It’s a great, instructive tennis lesson which has increased my fun on tennis.

Michael Koch
Private lessons
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