Antonio Valdés Community Program

Our concept is simple, to provide all the necessary tools to our kids so they fall in love with the game. We want to make sure they develop a feeling of passion for our sport and the club they play for. In thisway, wecanaccomplishseveralthings:

  • Kids will play tennis and be involved in sports for the rest of their lives.
  • The clubs will get long term members because they have passion.
  • The clubs will create an energy that will attract new members; therefore, clubs will be able to form more teams and the tennis family will grow.

How do we achieve this?

With a fun, technique oriented, and intense program:

Fun is the most important aspect of our 60 minute lessons, in which kids develop technique and proper footwork in an encouraging environment.

Technique remains crucial, and with a globally experienced team, we’re able to incorporate the best content from workshops around the world.

Intensity is very important for us, because we believe that every minute on the court counts. A fast paced hour helps the kids stay engaged and boosts the process of learning the game.

Antonio Valdés is committed to serving our communities based on our values, which are respect, discipline, independence, resilience, and integrity. We hope that our values will inspire our kids to model the same positive mind-set. Through this we will build a good atmosphere, work long-term with clubs, and finally develop Antonio Valdes Club Life.


Tennis Probestunde

Nutzen Sie unseren Tennis-Probestunde. *
Wir werden 50 Minuten trainieren und Sie ca. 10 Minuten über die Antonio Valdés Akademie informieren.

Es fallen lediglich die Platzgebühren von 20,00€ an.

Sie können zwischen 6 Standorten auswählen (Kiel, Wellsee, Plön, Eutin, Heiligenhafen, Timmendorfer Strand und Norderstedt)

*für Neukunden

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