Antonio Valdés Pro

The Antonio Valdés Pro program is dedicated to athletes who have a true passion for competition, and a deep desire to reach the top of the world rankings.

Our approach is focused on professionalism and dedication. Giving priority to sports, the Pro programme will:

  1. Make sure athletes fully understand the pathway to the pro tour, providing full support to players and their families so they can commit to the process.
  2. Help players develop a winning mentality so he/she can acquire the habits of a champion.
  3. Work with clear goals, focussing first on success at the national level, then continental level as preparation to reach international competition.
  4. Execute a strict work structure, with the goal of reaching a good Junior ranking using this phase as a platform to position the player on the Tour later on.
  5. Develop a clear, personalised calendar based on tournaments, lifestyle, and training systems, seeking to have a solid transition from the ITF level to the ATP/WTA.

Day in, day out our approach is based on years of experience developing world class players. Consistency, perseverance, and focused work have all been vital to developing the full potential of each one of our players who reach the professional Tour.

The key element of our success is the quality of our tailor made program. Our team has over 75 years combined experience successfully developing elite players around the world.
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